Saturday, April 19, 2014
Caitu Silva, Glen Ticlo, Allen D’Sa Hold Portuguese Nationality: Shetye
Wednesday - Apr 10, 2013
Panjim: The high court of Bombay at Goa recently sought replies from the state government and central government agencies on a criminal writ petition filed by social activist KashinathShetye seeking investigation against legislators, police officers, lawyers and others for allegedly holding dual citizenship. A division bench comprising justice AP Lavande and Justice UV Bakre issued the notices which are returnable on April 29.
Shetye approached the court after the police failed to register a FIR on a complaint filed by him against police officers SP Jose Allen D'Sa and PI Edwin Colaco, MLAs Glen Ticlo and Caetano Silva, 43 advocates and others for having dual citizenship and being a threat to national security. Shetye had also listed Union home secretary, national investigation agency, central bureau of investigations, anti corruption branch as respondents. – TNN
FROM GOA EXPRESS DESK: Mentally deranged Kashinath Shetye has gone insane and has lost his marbles. Can Kashinath Shetye explain how holding a non indian nationality be a threat to security? This Kashinath Shetye needs to be admitted in a MENTAL ASYLUM (MENTAL HOSPITAL) as he has turned mad and needs shocks to his brains. There are hundreds of foreigners in Goa of different nationalities. If they are not a threat to national security of india then how can these few MLAs and Policemen be a threat to national security. Our advise to Kashinath Shetye to have a thorough check up of his gone case, rotten brains

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Anonymous the VIII
Thursday - Apr 11, 2013
This non-Goan shameless migrant Shetye needs to be kicked out of Goa and put in Tihar Jail. How many FIR are registered against him? What about the illegal, unlicensed gun that was seized from his possession. What about the illegal, and blackmailed assets he possesses. Has the Goa government checked his disproportionate assets being a government servant with a Diploma in poly-tech and occupying an asst. Eng post in the Electricity Dept? How many days in a year has he physically worked since his appointment? What action has the Goa government taken against him?

Yes Mr. Editor, he needs to be sent to the Mental Asylum as he does not seem to be rational. He seems to have been affected by street dogs, barking at anything and everything.
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